Letter to the editor: Smoke and mirrors

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This is in response to Jamie Beaulieu.

I will not debate science with you in this forum. You seem be pretty well educated and I respect that. In all the science that you try to explain on how great the NECEC is going to be there is one fact that you never address. CMP who owns the NECEC who is owned by Avangrid who is owned by Iberdrola. Iberdrola based in Bilbao, Spain is who is ramming this project down the throat of the citizens of Maine. This entire project is to provide power to Massachusetts the very state that forced the shutdown of the Pilgrim Nuclear Generation Station in Plymouth, Ma. This plant had a 690 MW power output of clean energy. Massachusetts didn’t want this clean energy but has no qualms of ripping the Maine wilderness apart for their greed. So CMP jumps on the situation seeing dollar signs and comes up with this project.

They have used every dirty trick in the book to ram this project down the throats of the great citizens of Maine in the philosophy that this is a great project for Maine and we are just too stupid to know it. So Mr. Beaulieu my question to you is does this destruction in the segment one of the corridor pose any environmental issues as this seems to be your forte and do you have any issue with foreign companies Iberdrola and Hydro-Quebec (Canada’s second largest corp.) steamrolling the citizens of Maine into a project that they have used every method to keep the citizens from having any choice in. I read your articles and never realized what humanitarians these mega corps are just saving us from ourselves, and here I was thinking it was just about the power and money. So finally I’d like to know one more thing about you. Do you have any ties to CMP or the above mentioned corporations or as I like to say do you have skin in the game? I’ll admit I do, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep the Maine wilderness just as it is.

Jay Battersby

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