“The Rest of the Story” LD 1646

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This week LEI released their long awaited study concerning LD 1646. What was obviously missing from the report is our current reality concerning delivery of power in the State of Maine! To make an informed decision concerning creating a new Maine consumer owned utility we need all the facts.

First of all Maine already has some of the highest delivery rates in the country. CMP’s rates have increased 52 percent between 2008 and 2018 and they just received an additional 6+ percent from the MPUC. At the current trend CMP’s customers can expect an additional 50-100 percent increase in rates over the next 10 yrs. When LEI states that a new COU would cost more during the first 10 yrs that does not take into consideration the “status quo” need for greed of our IOU’s nor the MPUC’s continual open pockets with customers money. Because of CMP’s bleeding the system dry, they currently face at least 10 yrs of rebuilding a tired and antiquated system which will add increases to their customers rates. LEI failed to mention any of this. The reality is a new COU is needed to reduce those increases over the next 10 yrs, More of CMP means more price increases using inefficient contractors to waste more Maine money.

Secondly LEI failed to mention Maine’s “worst in the nation reliability” The report was quick to say that a new COU “could not guarantee better service.” What they ignored is that without a new COU we can guarantee more reliability issues. 10 yrs ago CMP won awards for service, but that is not what management in Spain wanted. Awards don’t add to bank accounts. Reductions in maintenance and upgrades lead to a fatter bank account until we are here 10 yrs later with the worst reliability in the nation. Someone blows out the candles on a birthday cake and somewhere in Maine people have a power outage. But LEI doesn’t mention that! Want a guarantee? Stay with CMP and we will continue to get pitiful performance!

Rev. Darien (Deke) Sawyer

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