Apples, perennial and vegetable gardens judged top pick

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WILTON – Tom Saviello’s apple trees loaded with fall’s favorite red fruit that are surrounded by colorful perennial and vegetable gardens made his garden the judges’ choice of top yard for September.

The “Yard of the Month” designation goes to the homeowner with the greenest thumbs and most aesthetically cultured garden. The monthly contest completing its first successful season, is sponsored by Rocky Hill Landscaping & Nursery of East Wilton, in a collaborative effort with the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce. Area gardeners sign up each month to join the competition with the month’s winner getting to plant a sign right out front that announces to the neighborhood that this is the Yard of the Month.

“Tom has a lovely, cottage-like property in a charming Wilton neighborhood,” said Corey Black, co-owner of Rocky Landscaping & Nursery. “The focus of his lot is definitely the loaded apple trees which surround his home with drooping branches of bright red apples. I even stole a few for myself,” she added.

The front farmers porch with several inviting white rocking chairs has colorful annual baskets hanging along the trim, Black said. “Tom has a delightful property and we congratulate him as the final winner of Yard of the Month for 2008.”

For his part, Saviello has his father, Carmine to thank for his gardening prowess.

“Gardening is often my place of peace,” Saviello said. “Me against the weeds. Most of the time I loose, but I try. I actually love growing flowers particularly perennials. I get the love of growing from my Dad. He literally had green hands. People brought him dead plants and asked him to save them. He DID. I know now he is looking down with a big smile on his face. That alone makes me feel good and hold this award as special. My dad, Carmine, is proud!”

The judging, which occurs at the end of each month, looks at a variety of elements in the gardens that include neatness, creativity and overall aesthetic appeal.

The real value of the award, Saviello noted, is that the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce and Rocky Hill came together to bring this idea along and make it reality.

“I am so proud of John and Corey Black as small businesspeople and their success. They made this possible and they should be congratulated for recognizing the community,” he said.

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