February takes a final bow

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Solar halo over Round Pond in Chesterville. The optical effect is caused by reflection and refraction of light through ice crystals in high clouds. (Photo by Dorothy Thayer)
Birch trees frame this winter scene in Wilton. (Photo by Don Waterhouse)
Snow retreating from a red barn. (Photo by Jane Knox)
Sun clouds predicting snow and rain — we got both. (Photo by Jane Knox)
A partridge on the snow. (Photo by Dennis York)
A Woolly Bear looking for spring. (Photo by Dennis York)
A robin in Farmington on a windy day. Trying to find stable ground. (Photo by Jim Knox )
When apples are ripe they taste great. This robin spent lots of time taking the taste test! In Farmington. ( Photo by Jim Knox )
A male redpoll in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox )
A mourning dove in Wilton- and you thought winter was over! (Photo by Jim Knox )
Early on Sunday morning after the storm in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox )
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