First snow of the season

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A fisher! Getting not to be a stranger in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)
Winter birds are starting to show up. A dark-eyed slate-colored junco in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)
Chickadees are taking over the feeders. (Photo by Jim Knox)
Sometimes you just can’t hide. A buck in Rangeley. (Photo by Jim Knox)
First light on the first snow of the season. (Photo by Dennis York)
Morning moon on Nov. 20 at 7 a.m. (Photo by Dennis York)
A bumblebee enjoying the sunshine. (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Festive colors in the background. (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Sunset on Mt. Blue. (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Time for a snack. (Photo by Karen Dalot
Two bees share a cosmos flower. (Photo by Karen Dalot)
There have been a lot of turkeys around lately. (Photo by Karen Dalot)
We were driving across the bridge in Canton and this bird was on the utility wire. (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Hills Pond near Weld. (Photo by Max Luick)
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