Foster Tech’s forestry students rewarded

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Foster Regional Applied Technology Center’s Forestry class was recently treated to a visit from the Amicus group, which serves adults with severe disabilities. The forestry students demonstrated their skills by felling a large hackamatack tree for the adults who were very impressed by this demonstration and clapped loudly when the huge tree hit the forest floor. The students then took the adults on a tour of the woodlot teaching them about the many different species of trees and their unique characteristics.

The highlight of the day was the presentation of a beautifully handcrafted sign (pictured below) made by the adults, who had spent countless hours and much love crafting the sign. Students, along with Instructors Dean Merrill and Jill Orcutt were in awe of the project which represents the four W’s of forestry; Woods, Water, Wildlife and (W)Recreation. A great day was had by all, and the learning that took place during this unique opportunity was priceless.

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