Halloween’s coming…

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Spooky hay bales on Route 2 & 4 in Wilton, at Rocky Hill Landscaping & Nursery. The pumpkin with the hat (far left) was created by James and Rachel Black, the witch was made by Susan and Russell Black. Frankenstein was made by John, Corey, Marah and Dawson Black, while the other pumpkin was created by Melissa Black Canty. The cat was made by Carrie, Steve and Rowan Lancaster.
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  1. I enjoyed seeing the pumpkins as I came out from the underpass this morning.
    It is nice to see families taking time out from their busy schedules to do fun things together.
    I hope people ride by to see your efforts. Happy Halloween to the Black families.

  2. Awesome. !! More people should take the time to enjoy the holidays. Halloween can be such a fun time.

  3. I love them! It was an OHHH! the first time I saw them. They are the spookiest bales of hay I have ever seen. I am showing them off during our visit in Louisiana.

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