Lip-smacking good

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Male cardinal. (Photo by Paige Plourde)
Cold but beautiful. (Photo by Jane Knox)
Waiting for lunch. (Photo by Dennis York)
Deer in Stratton. (Photo by Dennis York)
Lip-smacking good. (Photo by Dennis York)
Three p.m. feeding time at the Power’s farm in Stratton. (Photo by Dennis York)
Everyone, please find your seat. (Photo by Dennis York)
I was told if I went to East Boothbay I would see a snowy owl. I was not disappointed (almost! ). We didn’t see the owl, however we did see a friendly red-tailed hawk not far from us. (Photo by Jim Knox)
This red-tailed hawk was looking for lunch. Unlike some other hawks, the red-tailed would rather have a rodent, not poultry or birds at your feeder. ( Photo by Jim Knox)
My wife kept talking to this red-tailed hawk, but it was unfazed by her actions. It did watch us for some time. (Photo by Jim Knox )
Not always pretty. (Photo by Robert Zundel)
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