Nest builders, singing peepers and painted turtles

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Sandhill Cranes. (Photo by Marianne Perry, Kent’s Hill)
A chipmunk looks glad to be out and about. (Photo by Dennis York)
Deer in the field on Easter Sunday. (Photo by Dennis York)
A goose in the bog. (Photo by Dennis York)
The spring peepers are out in full force. (Photo by Dennis York)
Tufted titmouse in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)
Painted turtle at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)
Male and female eastern bluebirds in Wilton with nest-building material. (Photo by Tom Oliver)
Eastern bluebird and tree swallow disputing who will use the nest box in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)
Pine warbler at Hill’s Pond in Perkins Plantation. (Photo by Tom Oliver)
Webber Farm milk cows. (Photo by Gerran Dyke)
Up close and personal. (Photo by Gerran Dyke)
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