Nest-building continues, a not-so-shy fisher arrives

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The eastern bluebirds are still working on their nest.  (Photo by Tom Oliver)
The eastern bluebird adds another pine needle. (Photo by Tom Oliver)
It apparently takes a while as they bring a few pine needles each trip. (Photo by Tom Oliver)
Back for more pine needles. (Photo by Tom Oliver)
I went to Powers Farm in Stratton a second time to take more photos of the deer feeding. These are some of the 40 deer I saw on April 2.  (Photo by Jim Dwinal)
I would like to thank Harriet Powers for her deer feeding so people can experience seeing so many deer in one place. (Photo by Jim Dwinal)
Pool party! (Photo by Dennis York)
Mallard hen. (Photo by Dennis York)
A turtle and his reflection. (Photo by Dennis York)
Mallard drake. (Photo by Dennis York)
Spring mornings are still a bit chilly. (Photo by Dennis York)
A wood duck shows off in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox )
As the sun comes up, the male wood duck has some strikingly bright markings to greet the day. (Photo by Jim Knox )
A hermit thrush arrives in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox )
Bad to the bone! A not-so-shy fisher in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox )
A fisher like this one can take on a porcupine, and win! (Photo by Jim Knox )
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  1. Beautiful pictures Everybody!! The deer at the Powers farm are quite a sight. I had seen them up there many years ago,

  2. What a magnificent animal the Fisher is! And, what great fortune for you to have been able to see one, never mind get that close. Thanks for posting the photo so we can all pretend to have been there.

  3. I need to comment again,I’m so amazed with the wood duck,it so beautiful, I never seen one ,thanks 🙂

  4. Bluebirds, Wood Ducks, and Fishers, Oh My! Wonderful photos—so nice to see spring taking hold. Thank you, photographers!

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