Prepare your lines; annual July 4 fishing derby kicks off at 8 a.m.

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FARMINGTON – The Flagg Family Fishing Derby is for children ages 3 to 10 and is one hour in length. It starts at 8  a.m. at Rollo Pond.

Since the pond is measured off into approximately 40 equal spaces, it is advisable to arrive for space selection and registration well before the event. The fee is $2 per child.

About 100 Rainbow Trout have been stocked in Rollo Pond at Abbott Park ranging from 10″ to over 13″ in length. There has also been one brood stock rainbow or Trophy Fish placed into the pond that is significantly larger than any of the other trout. Trophies will be awarded in four categories during the derby;

  • First Trout — Rainbow trout a minimum of 6 inches (Not a chub or crayfish)
  • First Limit — The first child to catch and register 2 fish
  • Trophy Fish — The heaviest fish, in ounces, landed during the derby (length will be used as a tiebreaker if necessary).
  • Biggest Meal — The combined gross weight in ounces, of trout caught by one contestant (length will be used as a tiebreaker)

**There will be a limit of only 1 trophy to be awarded to any entrant. If more than one is earned, then the winner will have their choice of which trophy they prefer and the next in line entrant up will receive the unselected one(s).

**Please note, Rollo Pond has a posted daily bag limit of two fish. At the conclusion of the Derby the pond will be open for public fishing. If there are any questions, the Farmington Recreation Dept. can be contacted at 778-3464.

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