Sunday Photos: Making a Splash

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A partridge enjoys a sunny fall day. (Photo by Dennis York)
A cardinal visits the bird feeder. (Photo by Dennis York)
Seeing red is not always a bad thing. A maple tree shows off it’s fall colors. (Photo by Dennis York)
Splash and dash. These geese take off from the marsh at the head of Wilson lake. (Photo by Dennis York)
Rehearsing for the Thanksgiving day parade. Turkeys march across the field behind my house. (Photo by Dennis York)
A chickadee pauses just long enough for me to get his picture. (Photo by Dennis York)


A touch of winter (Photo by Andre Cormier)
Peaceful boat ride ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Coos Canyon ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Soaking up the sun ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
A gorgeous eagle ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
After the rain, we still had some leaves ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
A fall day by the river ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
A beautiful fall day ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Canton Lake ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Red cardinal ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Stopping for a snack ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Deer on a fall day ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Drying some feathers after the storm ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
Halloween is almost over it will be our day next ~ (Photos by Karen Dalot)
Happy Halloween everyone ~ (Photo by Karen Dalot)
~ Photo by Pat Blanchard
~ Photo by Pat Blanchard
~ Photo by Pat Blanchard
I learned that some fungi don’t just feed on decomposing matter, but actually contribute to the demise of trees. (Photo by Pat Blanchard)
Don’t eat me ~ (Photo by Pat Blanchard)
Photo by Pat Blanchard
I found many species of fungus at Jamie’s Pond, most of which I’ve been unable to identify. For instance, is this the same specie as the inedible white one, but with a hint of green? (Photo by Pat Blanchard)
Basking ~ (Photo by Pat Blanchard)
Reflection ~ (Photo by Pat Blanchard)
Jamie’s Pond in Kennebec County ~ (Photo by Pat Blanchard)
Orange jelly ~ (Photo by Pat Blanchard)
(Photo by Pat Blanchard)
Photo by Pat Blanchard
A Tufted Titmouse found what it wanted. Wilton ~ (Photo by Jim Knox )
A Partially Leucistic Black-capped Chickadee showed up at my place. Its habits are not the same as another Chickadee. Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)
This Chickadee does like Suet, however if you try to get near it? It will fly away. Very shy! (Photo by Jim Knox)
This Leucistic Chickadee only shows up ( maybe!! ) once a day; Get what it wants and fly off! (Photo by Jim Knox)
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