Up on the roof

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Snowy Owl on a house in southern Maine. These amazing birds travel south from the Arctic each year, and some end up in the U.S. (Photo by Steve Muise, Farmington, Maine)
Cornell Lab of Ornithology: “The largest owl by weight in North America, these birds spend their summers far north of the Arctic Circle hunting lemmings, ptarmigan, and other prey in 24-hour daylight.” These incredible birds attract a lot of “paparazzi,” which causes a lot of ongoing discussions on ethical birding and photography. It’s wonderful to view them, but any wild animal should be observed from a distance. (Photo by Steve Muise, Farmington, Maine)
Rare Gray Kingbird, only seen in Maine for the third time over the years of records. According to audubon.org, “Widespread in the Caribbean, this big flycatcher enters our area mainly in Florida.” (Photo by Steve Muise, Farmington, Maine)
Canada Geese in flight, Biddeford Pool. (Photo by Steve Muise, Farmington, Maine)
Wide angle sunset, Biddeford Pool Beach, Maine. (Photo by Steve Muise, Farmington, Maine)
Deer on a river bank. (Photo by Dennis York)
A buck looking for love. (Photo by Dennis York)
The ladies seem impressed. (Photo by Dennis York)
Just call me Prancer! (Photo by Dennis York)
Moose on Route 16. (Photo by Dennis York)
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