Blue Crew Robotics competes in qualifying events across New England

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The drive team members in the drive station from left to right: auxiliary driver Gentry House, drive coach Chandler Pike, and main driver Jack Cramer. Photo courtesy of Kevin Murphy.

FARMINGTON – Since January of this year when FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) released their FIRST robotics competition game, Crescendo, the team has been working on the 2024 Blue Crew Robotics robot, Fortissimo. The team worked tirelessly every day of the week to build a robot that could effectively shoot rings 6 feet high, race across the field, and even climb onto a swinging chain! They were even able to keep up their streak of safety awards, securing their 11th and 12th team nominated award in a row.

The team kept at it from January to early March, right up until their first competition, Granite State, in Salem, New Hampshire. Here, they competed with 34 other teams from all across New England where the team was ranked 23rd at the end of qualification. During the playoff matches, the team was picked for the third seed by the alliance captain, 3467 Windham Wind Up from Windham, New Hampshire, along with 131 Chaos from Manchester, New Hampshire.

Standing on the left side of the robot is Wyatt Dorr, and pulling the robot is Chandler Pike. Photo courtesy of Kevin Murphy.

After Granite State, the team worked to improve their robot for two more weeks before continuing to their second competition, Pine Tree in Lewiston, Maine. This was an incredibly exciting event for the team as it is the only event in Maine. The team ended qualification matches in 9th place, and working alongside the team during playoffs was FRC team 4906, The Collective, from Waterville, Maine, as well as 9101, Green Mountain Robotics, from Burlington, Vermont. At the end of the day, the team was eliminated in the semifinals to the second seed alliance.

Noah Civiello directing the robot to a note as the human player. Photo courtesy of Kevin Murphy.

Now, the team is waiting to find out if they qualify for the New England district championship and working to make plans for the offseason.

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