Farmington Rec’s Jr. Pro Basketball League championship results

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DEFENSIVE STANCE: Cleveland Cavaliers’ Russell France attempts to stop Toronto Raptors’ Marya Beedy from scoring a basket, Friday night in the championship game of the Farmington Recreation Department’s Jr. Pro Basketball League. (Arin McLaughlin photos)

JR PRO CHAMPIONS: The Cleveland Cavaliers won the championship of the Farmington Recreation Department’s Jr. Pro Basketball League, Friday night, in the Farmington Community Center. The Cavaliers beat the Toronto Raptors, 21-14 in the title game. Cavalier team members playing in the championship game were: Mariah Martin, Moses Clark, Kaleb Fletcher, Thomas Wing, Russell France, Mackenzie Harris, Alora Ross, Abbi Brackley and Nathalie Pierce. Coaches were: Nick Hart and Corrine Dingley.

JR PRO RUNNER UP: The Toronto Raptors finished runner up in the Farmington Recreation Deparment’s Jr. Pro Basketball League, Friday night. Cleveland Cavaliers won the title, 21-14. Team members of the Toronto Raptors who played in the championship game were: Tye Nichols, Patrick Cafarelli, Kristen Davis, Zeke Bishop, Sean Allen, Marya Beedy, Jordyn Lawrence, Leah St. Laurent and Nicholas Parsons. Coaches were: Zac Conlogue and Kelsey Adams.

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