UMF salutes softball seniors

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FARMINGTON – The University of Maine at Farmington salutes the softball seniors and 2020 graduates whose seasons were lost or cut short this spring in the wake of the coronavirus.

This is not the season you envisioned, nor the exit from collegiate softball that you deserve. While some of you may be able to return to the field next year, most of you will move on to the next chapter in life with an unfinished collegiate athletics career. Although that is an unsatisfying end, we hope you take comfort in the memories made and goals accomplished in seasons past. We know you will step forth and make the world better in an unprecedented time that can really use your strength, knowledge, and spirit.

Thank you for your effort and dedication to your school, your sport, and your team. We are with you. We ARE you.

The seniors shared a few questions and answers. See questions and answers below.


1.) Who is your favorite athlete?

2.) What is your favorite food?

3.) What is your favorite movie?

4.) If you had to spend a whole day with a celebrity who would it be?

5.) What are your post-grad plans??

6.) What is your favorite memory from UMF?

7.) What is your favorite event?

8.) What are you going to miss most about the softball team?

Alyssa Dillan

1.) Lauren Chamberlain

2.) Ice Cream

3.) Bridesmaids

4.) Melissa McCarthy

5.)Taking a year off before going to graduate school for occupational therapy

6.) Making it to playoffs my Junior year

7.) The Beaver Social

8.) How close everyone gets, it’s a built-in family that you can always rely on when you need anything.

Karen Flaherty

1.) Dak Prescott
2.) Anything with pasta

3.) The Jungle Book

4.) Shania Twain

5.) Move to Southern Maine and hopefully, find a teaching job

6.) Making softball playoffs in the spring of my junior year (2019)

7.) The Super Bowl

8.) Being around my teammates every day and enjoying each other’s company

Brianna McGrath

1.) Don’t have one

2.) Avocado

3.) Bridesmaids

4.) Kevin Hart

5.) Travel with my sisters then Work

6.) Being apart of the softball team.

7.) Alumni games

8.) Having Kayleigh Oberg catch for me!

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