It’s official: Police Chief Jack Peck

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Town secretary Linda Grant conducted the swearing in of Farmington’s new Police Chief Jack Peck as family, friends and co-workers look on.

FARMINGTON – After thanking everyone from selectmen to his family for “having faith in me,” Jack Peck, Jr. was sworn in as Farmington’s new police chief today.

Peck said the event was “bittersweet” for him because he is stepping in as chief after serving with Chief Richard Caton III for many years. Caton, 52, died of complications due to leukemia on July 18. Lt. Peck, a 21-year veteran of the department, had served the last six months an interim chief as Caton underwent medical treatments.

One week ago selectmen unanimously gave their approval of immediately promoting Peck to lead the Police Department. Town Manager Richard Davis made the recommendation to immediately promote Peck to police chief and “forego the expense of advertising the chief’s position and undergoing a lengthy recruitment process.” He said, Peck is the best qualified person for the position.

Since that announcement, Chief Peck said he has received lots of “card and letters from townspeople wishing me well,” and in support of his appointment.

At the same time, he said, it is a difficult time. “I’m still grieving the loss of Dickie (Caton).” 


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  1. I am pleased to see that the obvious choice for Chief was made!!! Kudos to the selectmen/women . Congratulations Jack , I know that you are totally involved with our great community.

  2. Congrats Jack, You will do an amazing job as the Chief of Farmington Police Department.

  3. Jack, You are the right man for this job. Dick was a wonderful example of compassion and sensitivity and you bring the same traits to the task at hand. I am pleased to salute you as our new chief. Congratulations!

  4. Jack “Chief” Peck is an excellent peace officer and a gentlemen. The Town of Farmington, along with the law enforcement community throughout Maine, will benifit from this appointment.

  5. We are proud of you and know that “Dickith” is looking down proud of you also. It is bittersweet but know that he would have wanted it this way.

  6. Congratulations!!!!! We are so pleased to see you appointed to Chief! The Town of Farmington is blessed indeed to have you and I know they are very happy with your appointment. MAKES ME HAPPY!!

  7. Congratulations Jack. We wish you the best in your new position. We know Dickie would be proud.

  8. Kudos to the Town of Farmington selectmen and town manager for making such a smart decision in promoting such an outstanding officer. Congratulations, Chief Peck. You’ve earned it.

  9. This makes me very happy! My brother would be so very proud! You too, Jack, are a good man, and the right person for this! The citizens of Farmington are in very good hands! Kudos to the selectpersons of Farmington for making a very wise decision! Congratulations, Chief!

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