About Us

Before the internet, when nearly all the news came from newspapers, a special early edition known in the trade as a ‘bulldog’ would sometimes be published when an important event occurred. This is where the Daily Bulldog draws its name.

In 2022, the Bulldog was acquired by Central Maine Media Alliance and joined Mt. Blue TV as a non-profit news organization. We want to give readers timely, reliable, and engaging news about our communities and the stories that matter most. 

We also want to highlight the rich body of work being produced by our county’s talented writers, poets and craftspeople, to cover all of the outdoor recreational possibilities around, as well as to run the most current ads for available jobs, vacant apartments, and other things our readers need.

The Bulldog features stories and columns by some of the best writers Franklin County has to offer, and includes a variety of features we believe aren’t available in any other publication.

Specifically, at the Daily Bulldog we do three things:

We want to get you the news first. While we can’t beat the rumor mill and social media, we want to give you the complete story as soon as possible.

We want our news to go far. Your kids may be out of state at college or serving in the military far from Franklin County or perhaps your parents or neighbors are wintering down south, but all of them will have up-to-the-minute local news available to them at just the click of their mouse. The Daily Bulldog is free access for all, supported by our local partners, sponsors, and donors.

We want to make the Daily Bulldog a bulletin board for people throughout Franklin County and beyond. Everything from opinion pieces, to election results, to snow days at school are here. 

Please contact Managing Editor Annie Twitchell at thedailybulldog@gmail.com or call (207) 778-8146 or mail MBTV / Daily Bulldog, 270 Main Street, Farmington, Maine 04938 with your events, questions and comments.

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The mission of Central Maine Media Alliance is to facilitate and produce multimedia content of Public, Educational, and Local Government interest. We will utilize the Cable TV system (channel 11), the MBTV and Daily Bulldog website (www.mtbluetv.org and dailybulldog.com), and various social media to help make the communities of Farmington, Jay, Livermore Falls, and Wilton a better place to live, and to educate, inform, and entertain our viewers, readers, and constituents.