Submissions, Policies, and Guidelines

Here are our policies and guidelines for the wide variety of community-submitted content that we share on the Daily Bulldog such as opinion pieces, Sunday Photos, events, ads, and obituaries. Please contact our staff at if you have any questions or concerns.



Obituary Submissions
Please send what you would like published to along with a photo of your loved one, if desired. We charge a flat rate of $100, regardless of length, with no additional charge for a photo. If you have any questions or concerns please email us.

For questions about writing an obituary, please email our editing staff at and include ‘Obituary’ in the subject line.



Bulldog Bulletin
Bulldog Bulletin is a weekly listing of public events and municipal meetings that is published every Monday morning. The Bulldog Bulletin is for general public interest and may not include every event or meeting that is scheduled for the upcoming week. To request an event addition to the list, please email our editing staff at and include Bulldog Bulletin in the subject line.



Community events can be submitted through the Event Calendar automated portal. Submissions are reviewed by our editing staff and should be posted live within 24 hours of submission. Events should include the location, date and time, and any cost such as ticket price. There should also be contact information for the event. Listings on the event calendar are also published in the Bulldog Bulletin the Monday before the event.

To have a press release about an event published in the regular news pages on our site, please email us the press release at, preferably at least five days prior to the event, and we will work with you to get the news out.



Our Classifieds section is the place for community members to post special announcements, for sale, services and wanted ads. We also have employment opportunities listed here, along with housing and legal notices.  To learn more and to place an ad please click here. 

For our other advertising options please click here. 



Daily Bulldog Opinion Policy
We welcome readers to make their opinions known, but we ask that they do so in a respectful manner.

Opinion pieces reflect the views of the individual author, and do not reflect the views of the Daily Bulldog, Mt. Blue TV, or Central Maine Media Alliance. Publication of an opinion piece does not equate to endorsement of the content of the piece.

All opinion pieces must be approved by a moderator prior to being posted to the Bulldog. Pieces that the editor believes are too disrespectful, too off-point or too poorly written (i.e. cannot be read due to a lack of spaces/language/font choices) may not be approved.
Opinion pieces containing crude or vulgar language may not be approved.

Opinion pieces may be edited for language and/or clarity. Headlines may be changed if the editor feels the submitted headline is misleading or unclear.

Submissions should include the name and hometown of the individual who wrote it.

Opinion pieces pertaining to an upcoming election, i.e. supporting or opposing a specific candidate or ballot question, will be accepted up to 5 p.m. the day prior to that election.



Animation Submissions
Ever wanted to try your hand at making a comic strip? Perhaps you’ve been throwing away those napkin doodles you thought no one would appreciate? Or, you’re an accomplished animator and you’re looking to share your work with the community? The Daily Bulldog invites community members to submit and share their cartoons, drawings, and animations. Much like our popular Sunday Photos feature, anyone can email to submit works they would like to share with the community. Our editorial team will review the works and make sure they meet our guidelines for submissions.


Sunday Photos Submissions
The Sunday Photos are a popular feature here at the Bulldog. We highlight local photography and photographers from amateur to professional. To submit a photo for the Sunday column, please email with the photo as an attachment. Please include a photo caption, the name of the photographer, and the location the photo was taken. Submissions must be made by the photographer or an authorized individual. Please include ‘Sunday Photos’ in the subject line of the email.


Animation and Photo Content Guidelines
Materials submitted must not include:
– Any advertising or material that promotes any commercial product or service;
– Any unlawful use of copyrighted materials or infringement of trademark rights;
– Any material that is libelous, slanderous, defamation of character, or an unlawful invasion of privacy;
– Any material that violates state or federal laws relating to obscenity and indecency;
– Any solicitation or appeal for funds (excepting programs or announcements that describe fund-raising events, but do not make direct appeals for funding);
– Any advertising by or on behalf of a candidate for public office to persuade voters to elect that candidate;
– Any form of lottery or information concerning a lottery;
– Any material that violates local, state, or federal laws.

Materials submitted must:
– Contain content that will have value for community members and align with the mission statement of the Central Maine Media Alliance:


The mission of CMMA is to facilitate and produce multimedia content of Public, Educational, and Local Government interest. We will utilize the Cable TV system (channel 11), the MBTV and Daily Bulldog website ( and, and various social media to help make the communities of Farmington, Jay, Livermore Falls, and Wilton a better place to live, and to educate, inform, and entertain our viewers, readers, and constituents.