The Daily Bulldog is an online newspaper, carrying community events, special features and the latest happenings from Franklin County. Every month, roughly 60,000 unique visitors make the Bulldog their choice for up-to-date, local news. The site charges no subscription fees, and we are able to offer most of our services free of charge.

The Bulldog is supported through advertising revenue and reader contributions.


The Bulldog has seen increases in site traffic in the past few years. More people are visiting the site more often, and from more places.

Let’s take a look at two time periods to show you what we mean.

In 2018, over a 30-day period from June 1 until June 30, the Bulldog was visited by 51,603 people. They visited 187,199 times, viewing 527,218 pages. That’s not bad.

But in 2019, during the same June 1-30 time period, the Bulldog was visited by 58,041 people a total of 201,341 times, viewing 568,247 pages. That’s an increase of nearly 7,000 people.

So where are these new visitors coming from? Well, many are from Franklin County, of course, but we’ve seen our biggest increases in Portland, Boston, New York and states like Florida and Texas. Retirees, the families of university students and tourists make up a lot of these out-of-state hits; they’re interested in what’s happening in Franklin County on a day-to-day basis.

In short, you should advertise with the Daily Bulldog if you’re interested in attracting the attention of Franklin County’s residents, and Franklin County’s visitors.


We sell advertising primarily through “block ads.” Effectively, it is a small billboard seen by everyone who visits the Bulldog. Each block ad space has three rotating advertisements. The ads rotate randomly, and a “new set” of ads are generated anytime a visitor clicks on any page of the Daily Bulldog. To give you an idea on how many times that happens in a month: the Bulldog’s visitors checked out 568,247 different pages (stories, obituaries, classifieds or whatever) in the past month.

Therefore, each block ad was displayed more than 189,000 times in the past 30 days.

Daily Bulldog advertisements are 120 pixels tall by 250 pixels wide, in full color, and are displayed in a .gif format for the best clarity. We also offer the option of buying two ad spaces, so essentially doubling the size of your ad. Clicking on an advertisement brings up the Web site to your business in a separate window for easy navigation.

We also offer a “banner” ad for even more prominent visibility for your business. Banner ads work similarly to block ads in that they rotate through three businesses at a time, and rotate each time a new page is clicked on. Banner ads are 1200 pixels wide by 144 pixels tall and also link to your business website.

We are happy to create advertisements for you and your company, for a one-time fee of $50. Many of the advertisements you see on our site were created by the Bulldog’s graphic design division.

A block advertisement on the Daily Bulldog is $200 per month. That fee is doubled for a larger block ad, while banner ads are $500 per month.

Purchasing an advertisement also results in the business being entered into our Business Directory free of charge.

This listing is easily accessible from the red navigation bar at the top of our home page, clicking on “Business Directory.” It’s a great resource by both residents and visitors to Franklin County, giving them up-to-the-minute information about where to find restaurants, motels, special events and everything they need to maintain or improve their homes.

A listing includes the business name, space for a 125 pixel x 80 pixel logo, contact information and brief description of the goods or services you provide. The directory listing can also link directly to your website and/or email to make customer navigation easy.

The cost of adding your name, logo and information to our directory alone is $20/month. One of the two directories can be seen here.


The classified section is a simple inputting system that allows businesses, individuals and agencies to relay information to our many visitors. Simply fill out the form accordingly and hit submit. All submissions are subject to approval by Daily Bulldog staff.

While this service is mostly free for individuals; we do charge a small fee for rental advertisements, positions available and legal advertisements. We charge $20/week or $80/month for ads up to 100 words in length. Longer classifieds are no problem but the cost may be slightly higher in some cases.


We’re hoping you’ll consider the Daily Bulldog as a new and innovative way to get in touch with your customers and potential customers. Contact us at (207) 778-8146 or at for more information, questions or comments.