Letter to the Editor: Wind turbine noise a problem

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Some may say that wind turbines don’t make much noise, but it’s what you don’t hear that’s the problem. Wind turbines create a unique noise that vibrates in your ears, even through your body and the longer you’re exposed, the less tolerant you become of it, which is the opposite of other noises.

Many people repeatedly exposed have trouble sleeping, get headaches, feel dizzy, and many other symptoms. Maine’s laws do not protect people from the unique sound wind turbines make. Many of Maine’s officials simply ignore the overwhelming evidence that proves we have a problem. I live in Highland Plantation where Highland Wind, LLC plans to surround my home with industrial size wind turbines, and I am very concerned for my family’s health, especially our children.

I emailed Dr. Dora Mills, leader of Maine’s CDC, and I addressed my concerns. One of her responses was”…in extensive reading I have not found evidence of a disease or specific health problem that is a direct result from the wind turbines appropriately placed.” Perhaps there is no disease documented, but it is only a matter of time before it is. There are many obvious symptoms though, and It takes time for medical professionals to research and document new diseases.

Dr. Dora Mills also wrote “Clearly, the environmental context in which one lives affects their health no matter what the context is: people living in very rural areas can suffer from poor health from not being close to a hospital; people living near a lake can drown from falling into it; people living in a heavily pollinated area can suffer from allergies.”

Building industrial size wind turbines right next to my home is NOT the same as the possibility of drowning or having allergies. I can take steps to protect myself from these things, even move if I feel the need to, but I cannot protect myself from the health effects from wind turbines. I cannot even move to protect myself since no one wants to buy a home that is right in the middle of an industrial wind farm.

The future health of the people of Maine is in great danger, and I feel Dr. Dora Mills needs to lead the way in protecting us just as she does when there is a flu outbreak or other health concerns.

Heidi Emery
Highland Plantation

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  1. Try to find out what Dora Mills is all about,she must have something else to protect other than the good citizens living next to Turbines. This is obviously a no brainer to see what is happening to victims living amongst the turbines. this is why I do not put a Dr. in front of her name she cannot be a doctor ignoring these true facts.. The truth will come out soon and these people that call themselves doctors will cowl and hide or put a spin on there reasons for making these assumptions. She also obviously does not live near one,but maybe is an investor in so called green energy.

  2. Perhaps Dr. Mills might want to contact Dr. Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD at the Wind Turbine Syndrome web site – http://www.windturbinesyndrome.com/

    There is growing evidence to support the concerns of Ms. Emery – http://alleghenytreasures.wordpress.com/2010/07/06/the-adverse-effects-of-wind-turbine-noise-what-you-wont-hear-from-the-wind-industry/

    It is not credible for Dr. Mills to claim she has not found evidence when scientists in the field have, in fact, presented the evidence.

  3. elected officials say they do not know what the turbines will look or sound like. so take the risk..but they do know. Mars Hill and Vinalhaven are proof. I hate this war against our government but i am one soldier fighting til the end.
    alice barnett aka gempaint

  4. Mrs. Emery makes a good point. I still, ask the same old question , that nobody here has a real answer to. That is: where will we get our electricity from years down the road? Nobody wants nuclear power, (another NIMBY thing) nobody wants coal,(dirty), dont want oil’ cause most of it comes from away, and we can be held hostage, which is likely. Wind power,…noisy and looks bad. Hydropower, the very source of energy that powered this states development, no way, take the dams out, (fish have rights too). Solar power? Come on. Tidal? Really, love to see it, but we all know the NIMBYS will be there too.Burn LNG? Greenhouse gasses! Buy power from Canada? Yep, power they produce with water……rivers,…like we USED to do, and we could be held hostage too. (read about the N.G.line Russia controls ) Save by buying C.F.L’S? Funny. Everything will just work out? Great plan. Where will WE produce ALL the power WE need right here at home, right now? Somebody?

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