An Afternoon (or Evening) of Short Comic Plays at Mt. Blue

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FARMINGTON – Come watch Mt. Blue Theater Company on March 18, at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. in the Bjorn Auditorium! There are three awesome plays lined up for your enjoyment at two convenient times, including “Fifteen Reasons Not To Be In A Play” by Alan Haehnel, performed by the Mt. Blue Middle School Company, “One and Done!” by Finch Webster, performed by the Mt. Blue Theater Company, and “39 Steps Even More Abridged” by Patrick Barlow, performed by the Mt. Blue Faculty.


Cast and Crew of “One and Done”

“Fifteen Reasons Not To Be In A Play” is a play in which multiple people describe reasons to not be in a play, ranging from hilarious, to traumatic, to simply gross. The play is directed by middle school teacher, Kat Zachary, assisted by music teacher, Grace Libby. This play was chosen because Kat Zachary thought that both the cast and the audience would have fun with it!

Finley Clark: 9, Mrs. Griswold, 7T, Weatherman
Elsa Feegel: 1, 4T, Megan, Old 4, Nora
Karoline Gonzales: 7, Misty, Old 1, Mom 2
Wyatt Hall: 2, Alan, 5T, W, Norm
Maggie Harrison: 8, Emily, Old 3, Becca
Mary Hill: 10/15, 2T, Old 2, Baby, Gina
Isaac Knox: 6, 3T, Rob, Geek, Censor
Asha Lescault: 13, Jane, Mom, Mindy
Jake Mitchell: 4, Jake
Kevin Montminy: 12, Pete, Reed, Boy, Zach, Director
Aiden Solomon: 11, Stewart, Travis, Reporter, Butch
Emmaline Soule: 5, Sharon, 6T, Cecily
Lily Sparks: 3, Mandy, Bill, Chris
Sylvia Stadelman: 14, 1T, Old 5, Mavis

Stage Managers: Lucy Bobson, Lucy Ragan
Lights: Remi Dunham, Iris Feegel
Sound: Wyatt Fuller

‘One and Done!” is a play within a play. Sydney Lancaster auditioned for theater, and is worried if they got a part. However, when they look at the cast list, they have been put down for every single role! As it turns out, this was not a typo, but a decision made by Mr. Bates, a tyrannical egomaniac of a theater director! Now Sydney must figure out how to play 7 roles! Written and directed by senior Finch Webster with assistance from Zander Larivierre and teacher, Deborah Muise.

Sydney Lancaster: Kylie Hall
Bartholomew Bates: Liam Dorr
Erimentha Nikolaidis: Daniel James
Sycamore Turner: Rowan Shanti
Bean Martin: Ashe Hartman
Gwendolyn Lancaster (Mom): Reese Rackliff
Dakota Cohen-Blois: Megan Pinkham
Mx Robinson (music teacher): Vera-Lynn Jessome
Axel Lancaster (Dad): Briar Kerbo
Lexi Williams: Eliza Stinson

Stage Manager: Jazmin Esparza
Assistant Stage Manager: Tyler Rackliff
Lights: Keyra Cushman
Sound: Avein Gardner
Artwork/poster: Noah Brougham
Costumes: Tyler Rackliff
Make up/Hair: Lily Reed, the cast
Understudy: Briar Kerbo
Photography: Jane Yu
Publicity: Colin Woehrle-Logan
Properties: Jade Fortenbacker

“39 Steps Even More Abridged” is a comedy spy thriller adapted by Patrick Barlow. In this campy satire of spy movies set in the 30s, we follow Richard Arbuthnot Hannay, after a fateful encounter with an Annabella Schmidt that causes his life to spiral out of control he finds himself being framed for murder. While meeting a colorful cast of businessmen, spies, and inaudible old men, Hannay must journey across Scotland in order to figure out one elusive mystery: what are the 39 steps?

Michael Reid – Richard Hannay
Pamela Chernesky – Pamela Edwards
Melody Bickford – Anabella Schmidt, Business Man 1, Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. McGarrigle, Superintendent Albright.
Vicky Gertensberger – Mysterious Man, Policeman 1, The Professor, Mr. McQuarrie.
Annie Norris – Mr. Memory, Business Man 2, Sheriff, Dunwoody, Mr. McGarrigle.
Anna Peterson – Compere, Mysterious Man, Inspector, Policeman 2.

Finn Zimmerschied – Lights technician.
Ev Cushman – Sound technician.
Jazmin Esparza – Prompter.
Bessa Axelrod – Set Design and Construction

With all this fun planned, how could you not go? Tickets are only $5, so head to the Bjorn Auditorium in the Mt. Blue High School for this double header, and have fun!

Written by Colin Woehrle-Logan


Director, Finch Webster and Actor, Megan Pinkham
Makeup artist, Tyler Rackliff and Actor, Briar Kerbo
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