City Lights Summer Camp registration is June 23

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FARMINGTON – City Lights Summer Camp is holding registration on June 23 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the studio (second floor of the old State Theatre) at 231 Broadway.

The camp is free to all children of Maine, but it requires hard work, according to director Duggan Hill. Hill will be directing all classes and teaching THE SABRE FENCING classes.

There will be something for all children and young adults to enjoy. Special this year is a rare opportunity for the boys and young men to learn from ONE OF THE MOST FANTASTIC BREAK DANCERS ALIVE: FLOATSKI.

BBOY FLOAT will teach a very challenging break-dance and physical training class in Farmington from the June 29 till July 5th. you can check him out on YOUTUBE. Just go to and type in bboy float.

Also Mali Smith will be teaching dance and vocal classes. Mali’s new music video was released on youtube today, go to youtube and type in Mali Smith pale green.

Also we will have another major mural project directed by Graffer Monk (Mathew Clark) who directed ten children last year in the mural depicting the hills that surround Farmington painted on the four walls of the Odd Fellows Ballroom.

The City Lights Performers will teach daily master classes, will have an hour class for truly little ones this year as well ages (4 to 7) there must be a parent participant.

The Camp will result in a final performance on July 3rd.

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