DaPonte String Quartet to play in Farmington, February 9

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Myles Jordan, Lydia Forbes, Kirsten Monke

FARMINGTON – Please join members of the DaPonte String Quartet this February who are thrilled to present a captivating evening of classical music featuring masterpieces by renowned composers. The program will showcase the timeless beauty and brilliance of Beethoven’s String Trio in D major, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the composer’s profound musical expressions. The performance will also feature the exquisite Francaix String Trio, known for its delightful blend of lyricism and playfulness, offering a unique and charming experience for listeners. Adding to the rich tapestry of the program, the ensemble will present Arensky’s Quartet for violin, viola, and two cellos, a work celebrated for its emotional depth and intricate interplay among instruments. This concert promises an enchanting journey through the genius of these three composers, leaving audiences moved and inspired. Join them for an unforgettable night of classical mastery.

Fred Edelen

This intriguing program will be presented on February 7 in Rockport, 8 in Portland, 9 in Farmington, and 10 in Brunswick. Please visit www.dapontequartet.org for tickets and information, or call 207 751 4486.

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