ECMA artists Son’s of Maxwell tour through Maine

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New England Celtic Arts will host East Coast Music Association award winners, The Son’s of Maxwell at the Franco American Heritage Center in Lewiston, Maine on Tuesday April 21st, at Skye Theatre Performing Arts Center in South Carthage, Maine on Wednesday April 22nd, and at the Lakeside Theater in Rangeley on Thursday April 23rd, with all concerts starting at 7:00 PM. This will be the second in a series of approximately 25 concerts to be shared by the three venues this season. A pre-show jam will start at 6:15 at both FAHC and at Skye Theatre please bring your instruments and join in. Reservations are strongly suggested at all three venues.

With an impressive discography and performance resume, including several industry awards and nominations, it can definitely be said that Halifax-based Sons of Maxwell have come a long way from Northern Ontario. The brothers began singing together while attending university and began a full-time music career soon after graduation. Don and Dave Carroll have done prolific work in a relatively short time and have developed a large, dedicated fan base. S.O.M has released several well-received all-original albums, music videos and have toured extensively, both nationally and abroad. The promotion of their current project “Sunday Morning” is underway. It is the eighth full-length commercial release for S.O.M. Radio response to the lead single “The Best Things,” has been outstanding, and a new single (Uphill Battle) is on its way to the airwaves in January.

The strength of the duo is built upon its diversity. Don and Dave are true entertainers. That fact is what sets them apart and has made them so popular with such a broad spectrum of people. More than once it has been said: “these guys do it all.” Their musical performance is always evocative and their onstage sibling interplay is disarmingly warm, alluring and often downright hilarious! Dave writes songs that bring laughter and tears to the audience. The brothers (along with a talented back-up band) deliver Dave’s powerful and thought-provoking lyrics in an interesting blend of musical styles best described as pop/folk. Ever present are their unique, brilliant vocal styles and harmonies for which they are well known.
From concert halls to corporate shows, Sons of Maxwell are continually a hit with audiences of all ages. This past year S.O.M toured throughout community theatres in Western Canada, performed in the Dominican Republic, and did a promotional tour in Germany. They also gave a raft of performances in music halls and listening rooms. The outstanding audience response and rave reviews (available on request) speak for themselves. The perpetual tour continues…

Dave Carroll, the primary writer for Sons of Maxwell, is winning committed fans everywhere their music is heard. His songs are injected with a “coming home” sense of familiarity, yet are refreshingly unique. Dave’s music can be enjoyed in the car on a ride home from work or, as has been the case, can also be studied in poetry classes for the depth in his lyrics. An intelligent lyric, supported by music that is embraced by a wide audience is what sets Dave Carroll’s writing apart.

Most of his compositions have helped fuel Sons of Maxwell´s career touring Canada and Europe, but other artists have taken interest in Dave’s writing as well. Celtic Connection, a Newfoundland band, made Dave´s song “Sixteen for Awhile” a hit in that province, selling more than 25,000 copies. More recently, despite using the song for the newest Sons of Maxwell release, American country superstars Diamond Rio short-listed Dave’s song “I’m Willing” for their current recording. This song was co-written in Nashville with Jon Vezner a successful and prominent Nashville writer.

Recognition for Dave’s talent as a songwriter of the first order is gaining momentum within the industry and music professionals are beginning to see what fans have known for quite some time.

The Franco American Heritage Center is located on 46 Cedar Street in Lewiston, Skye Theater is located 3 miles West of East Dixfield village at 2 Highland Drive off Winter Hill Rd and US RT. 2 in South Carthage. Lakeside Theater is on Main Street in Rangeley. Ticket price is $10.00 at the door. For reservations call FAHC at (207-783-1585), or Skye Theatre at (207) 562-4445 or Lakeside Theater at 864-5000.

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