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FARMINGTON – Thayden Farrington, outdoor naturalist photographer, will be SugarWood Gallery’s featured Artist of the Month for July.

Thayden Farrington

An Open House Reception will be held this Friday, July 1 from 4 to 7 p.m., at 248 Broadway in Farmington. Refreshments will be served. The public is invited to meet Thayden and view a remarkable slide presentation on his journey as a photographer, with commentary and fascinating stories behind some of the images he has captured. The slide presentation will be presented from 5 to 6 p.m. Thayden’s work will remain on exhibit and for sale through the month of July. His work can be previewed at

According to Thayden: “I am as they call us in these parts a ‘true Maine native.’ I was born and raised in this great State as were my parents and grandparents. I reside in Franklin County in the western central part of the state about six miles from the place of my birth. I grew up on the family dairy farm owned by my father and grandfather. Besides the farm life there was also an occasional getaway for a few hours (usually on a rainy day) to a nearby brook in which we often brought home a few brookies for the fry pan. Hunting was also something that we found a little time for in the fall trying to bag the elusive whitetail deer. These outdoor experiences growing up have made a lasting impression on me. I have never tired of exploring the beauty and wonder of the creation and try now to capture the moments, the wildlife, and the special places I encounter as I travel the back roads of Maine with my camera.

When exploring with my camera I strive not only to help people see what I have captured in my wanderings but help them feel and experience it as well. The better I do at that the better others can see the State of Maine where I do most of my photographing. If you are a ‘true Maine native’ you probably already know… and for those of you who are not I hope to convince you that Maine is a state of mind!”

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