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Kenny B enjoying the benefits of
Kenny B enjoys the benefits of The Hypnographer.

With the advance of digital and social media you’re connected everywhere, while you walk, while you work and while you eat, and now, thank to the latest development from DDG Technologies, The Hypnographer, you stay connected in your sleep.

No longer is sack time down time, with The Hypnographer you can update your status, answer emails and surf while you sleep. Not only that, you can shop and read books in your sleep too! How does it work? Perhaps you’re familiar with Dragon Naturalspeaking Software, which renders voice into text?

The Hypnographer works along a similar principle, rendering dreams and subconscious impulses into text and video streams. As DDG Technologist Jennifer Scott explains, there’s no reason to be idle, unproductive and unconnected while you sleep. The Hypnographer interfaces with everything in your cloud profile, everything you post, everywhere you surf, and everything you do online is fully integrated with everything you subconsciously want.

I’ve never made a purchase in my sleep that hasn’t thrilled me! Look, last night I bought a riding lawn mower. That makes me so happy. riding-mowers-01-0712-lgn

I’ve been wanting to move out of my apartment for months now and buy my own home, this is just the push I’ve been needing. Oh and look at that, I’m in a relationship now. Awesome!

Technologist Karen West adds, “I love waking up and finding out what I’ve posted over night on Facebook. OOh look, “Karen is swimming in an underwater cave with pearly lights with mermaids who appear to be her high school classmates. Oh and look, I must have friend requested Tom Cruise last night, and he friended me back. Wow, how cool is that! One thing I really love is that friends can now subscribe to your dreams as an rss feed.”

Technologist Karin Schott notes that “The Hypnographer is fully bidrectional so you can receive translated impulses from the web, emails, and social media postings in your sleep. You can even use the timer feature to activate audiobooks and have them “read” to you in your sleep. Your responses or “sleep reviews” are recorded and posted to the book in your accounts, so if someone asks you if you’ve read a book you can check easily and find out what you thought of it!”

With The Hypnogapher you’ll never miss a minute of being connected to your life. Order Now!

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