Sugarloaf Region Charitable Trust now accepting applications

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CARRABASSETT VALLEY – The Sugarloaf Region Charitable Trust is accepting applications from local organizations for distribution of funds. Local organizations need to show eligibility of non-profit status, need for private financial support, and have an impact on the Sugarloaf region communities.

The Sugarloaf Region Charitable Trust is a private, nonprofit trust, dedicated to improving the quality of life for the communities that make up the Sugarloaf area. The trust provides financial assistance to organizations with nonprofit, tax-exempt status. The goal of this assistance is to encourage the growth in existing human service and cultural organizations and to develop new organizations that will involve and improve the Sugarloaf area.

The Trust was established in early 1984, when the employees of Sugarloaf Mountain Corporation
began contributing on a volunteer basis to the Trust through a payroll deduction program. contributions were, and continue to be, matched by Sugarloaf Mountain Corporation.
The Trust donated $27,884 to the following organizations in the past year:

 United Way of the Tri-Valley Area
 Stratton School
 Mt. Abram High School
 Carrabassett Valley Academy
 High Peaks Alliance
 Weld Historical Society
 Rangeley Friends of the Arts

For more information and the on-line application, please visit: charitable-trust The Sugarloaf Region Charitable Trust must receive requests for the fall distribution of funds by September 15, 2021. Please submit via the link above, or mail to: Sarah Strunk, Sugarloaf Region Charitable Trust, Sugarloaf, 5092 Access Road, Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947.

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