Homeowners can get $1,500 tax credit for purchase of qualifying Harman Home Heating products

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FARMINGTON – As part of the 2009 Economic Stimulus legislation, U.S. homeowners who purchase and install a 75-percent efficient biomass (wood or pellet burning) stove, insert, furnace or boiler in 2009 or 2010 can receive a 30-percent tax credit for costs incurred, up to $1,500. This week the federal government released clarifying guidelines for qualifying biomass products, which includes 16 Harman Home Heating products. 

“Significant financial and environmental benefits can be gained for the homeowner who heats with wood or pellet burning appliances,” said Todd Richard  of Northern Lights Hearth & Sports in Farmington. “You can enjoy reduced heating costs for years to come while utilizing renewable fuels and contributing to a greener Earth.”

Harman pellet and EPA-certified wood burning products are clean-burning, eliminating approximately 75-percent of the carbon emissions that are associated with fossil fuel heating.

For more than 25 years Harman has been a prominent leader in the industry, offering a large selection of products that feature advanced technologies for fuel and heat efficiency. With multiple designs and styles to choose from, Harman backs its products with a limited lifetime warranty. For a complete listing of products that qualify for the tax credit, visit www.harmanstoves.com

Harman EPA-certified wood burning stoves are highly efficient, producing more heat with less wood to provide warmth and comfort for many hours. They are clean-burning with low ash and minimal outside air emissions – achieved through high temperatures, ample oxygen and sufficient burning of gases before they are exhausted. This complete combustion can also eliminate the accumulation of creosote, a flammable chimney residue. Harman products are perfect for homeowners who want to live green and also enjoy the crackling sounds and flickering flames of burning wood.

Harman pellet burning stoves, inserts, furnaces and boilers have great heating efficiencies and low emissions. Pellets burn cleaner than virtually any other biomass fuel and produce low particulate matter, controlling air pollution. Harman pellet units are easy to operate with built-in fuel hoppers and feeding devices that move pellets in small groups to the combustion chamber. 

“People are looking for ways to control their heating costs,” said Karen McSherry, brand manager for Harman Home Heating. “Today’s advanced technology has dramatically increased the efficiency of wood and pellet appliances, making heating with renewable fuels a viable alternative to heating with fossil fuels. This tax credit is provides another reason to discover the benefits of heating with biomass.”

After purchase, the homeowner can obtain an official Manufacturer’s Certificate from  www.harmanstoves.com. It certifies that the product qualifies for the tax credit and homeowners can rely on it when preparing their taxes. They are not required to submit the certificate or a sales receipt to the government when filing their taxes, but should retain those items for their records. 

For more information about Harman products, visit Northern Lights Hearth & Sports at 639 Wilton Road in Farmington or 2378 Main Street, Rangeley. For additional information about the tax credit, please consult your tax advisor. 

Contact Northern Lights at (207) 778-6566, or fax (207) 778-3192. You can email Northern Lights here. Visit them online at www.nlightstove.com.


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