Boosters ‘frustrated’ with RSU 9 school board

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FARMINGTON – At the RSU 9 Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday night, Director Rich Ruhlin spoke to the board regarding the previous meeting’s discussion on the fundraising plan for the Mt. Blue High School Competition Field expenses.

Ruhlin serves as the official board liaison for the Mt. Blue All Sports Boosters. At the previous meeting on January 23, members of the committee approached the board in hopes to seek their approval to move forward with their fundraising efforts to develop a capital fundraising campaign to replace the grass surface on Caldwell Field with synthetic turf.

“This is nothing but feedback that I sought approval from that board to speak to all of you to provide in relation to where they stand and their efforts on behalf of RSU 9,” Ruhlin said.

Ruhlin also acknowledged the Mt. Blue All Sports Boosters for their “philanthropic and altruistic” donations they make to the district.

“The feedback that they provide is the educational experience for any district, including RSU 9, consists of more than just the academic knowledge that is imparted,” Ruhlin said. “It is the overall holistic experience, including competitive interscholastic varsity athletics that provides a full experience, along with access to art, music, literature, clubs, science, etc.”

Ruhlin stated that the boosters are disappointed and frustrated with the lack of clarity and direction coming from the RSU 9 board as to what they should be doing moving forward.

“It has led, unfortunately, to an impasse in their ability to talk to major donors without clarity of purpose, and understanding exactly what a donation would be contributing toward,” Ruhlin said.

The Mt. Blue All Sports Boosters have ceased their fundraising efforts, and they are potentially seeking to be re-compensated for the expenditures that have been made so far, ranging from $24,800 to $25,200.

“I believe that this is now a personal commentary that we need to provide direction, clarity, and absolute steadfast decision making in what we’re going to propose both to this boosters organization, to the community at large, and to the student athletes who depend on those facilities,” Ruhlin stated.

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