Farmington Public Library Trivia Night crowns first-ever winners

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Crowd of participants at Farmington Public Library Trivia Night hosted at the Homestead Restaurant.

FARMINGTON – Ten teams of Trivia Night contestants participated Thursday night at Farmington Public Library’s fundraising event at the Homestead restaurant. Trivia questions were focused on Farmington and Franklin County.

“We had quite a large turnout,” said Farmington Public Library Director Jessica Casey. “We’re very grateful to everyone who came out and made our first time running this fundraiser a success. We had a great time seeing and talking to everyone, and we hope everyone else had fun as well.” Farmington Public Library board members Barbara Marshall and Leigh Welch ran the contest, with some help from Casey. And it was a close contest.

With a score of 281 points, the “Greyhounds” edged the “Greyhound Specials” by one point. The team “Sisters +” came in third place with a score of 250 points. As a prize for their victory, the winners were given two free tickets to the next event as well as the honor of choosing the topic for the next Trivia Night, which will take place November 30th. The topic chosen was Maine trivia.


Farmington Public Library Trivia Night
1st Place Team – (281 points) The Greyhounds (from left to right in the picture) Paul Mills, Layne Nason, Nancy Austin, Marion Scharoun, Theresa Forster, and Joe Austin


2nd Place Team – (280 points) The Greyhound Specials (left to right) Dick Morton, Joyce Morton, Jane Woodman, Janice Maxham, and Dan Maxham.


3rd Place Team – (250 points) Sisters + (left to right) Carol Paulson Gile, Pam Poisson, Sarah Parr, and Karen Schuler


In addition to the trivia questions, participants were asked to write five things they loved about Franklin County. The majority of these responses focused on the natural beauty of the County’s landscape including Clearwater Lake, Smalls Falls, and the Sandy River, while others offered the traditional local celebrations, such as the Farmington Fair, Chester Greenwood Day, and the 4th of July Parade.

Participants were also asked to provide five reasons to go to the Farmington Library. Prominent among the responses were the beautiful architectural design and features, the varied physical and digital collection, the many services and programs provided, and the friendly staff.

“We learned a lot about how to run trivia last night since it was our first time,” said Casey, “we’ve already brainstormed several ideas and had a few helpful suggestions on how to run things more efficiently, so expect there to be a few changes for next time.”

The Library plans to sell tickets ahead of the event, so people will need to call the library during the regular open hours to reserve spots ahead of time, and come pick up and pay for their tickets at the library beforehand. Reservations will be opened up closer to Trivia Night in November. Announcements and information will be available on the library website and social media.

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