Governor Mills visits Farmington Fair

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Diane Bolduc and Mills chat about yarn; Bolduc dyes much of her spinning wool herself. A photo on her table shows a variety of rainbow colored sheep, and she explains to Mills that she periodically has men come in, see her colorful yarns, and ask if the sheep come in that color. She went online and found the photo, printed it out, and added it to the display.

FARMINGTON – Gov. Janet Mills paid an informal visit to the 180th Annual Farmington Fair on Thursday, Sept. 23.

A Farmington native, Gov. Mills’ visit was not just an opportunity to meet with her gubernatorial constitutes—it was a chance to connect with friends, neighbors, and family. While strolling through the fairgrounds Gov. Mills paused to chat with various members of the community, fairgrounds staff, and other friends and acquaintances. Many members of the communities surrounding Farmington approached her with questions, concerns, or just to say a quick “thank you”.

When asked if she’s ready to run for governor again, she enthusiastically answered “yes.”

In the Agricultural Building, Governor Mills observed that the museum staff had done an incredible job with the displays. She learned what a poultry debeaker was used for— an anti-bullying device for chickens— and chatted with Diane Bolduc about spinning yarn.

Mills admires the Farmington Historical Society’s booth, noting familiar places and faces.

While touring the Exhibition Hall, one display caught her attention: the Farmington Historical Society is celebrating its 60th year and the display included an introduction to Farmington area suffragette Isabel Greenwood. Other exhibits included the youth produce exhibition where she noted the impressive size of the pumpkins on display.

“We’ve got a lot of talent in this county,” Gov. Mills said, examining the photography and art displays in the Exhibition Hall.

As a child growing up in Franklin County, Governor Mills visited the Farmington Fair every year. At that time her favorite thing about the fair was the animals; as an adult she loves the food, the people, and the games and races. Her husband once served on the horse racing committee so she had the opportunity to watch the horses races from the viewing booth in the grandstand. While she arrived at the fair too late to watch the Thursday afternoon races, she did take a chance at the Elks Lodge booth, winning a few quarters.

“That’ll boost the state budget,” she joked.

No day at the fair is complete without the food, and Gov. Mills enjoyed fried dough and purchased homemade donuts from local vendors before heading out.

Paul Dalrymple and Chris Leeman speak with the governor while she adds a few dollars to the American Legion fundraiser outside the Farmington Fire food booth.
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