Jay board awards property bids for tax-acquired properties, sets sewer rates

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JAY – At the Jay Select Board meeting on Monday night, the board held a public hearing for the community to discuss the sewer rates. Sewer Superintendent Mark Holt was present at the meeting and provided the board with various scenarios to be taken into consideration by the board in regards to the sewer rate costs.

The board voted to increase the base rate from $315 to $320, and anyone who is using over the minimum of 3,200 cubic feet will need to pay an additional half-cent which would make the cost 10 cents per cubic foot over the minimum. The increase will go into effect starting on July 1.

At a previous Select Board meeting on April 10, board members discussed what to do with foreclosed properties located on 7 Jewell Street and 163 Macomber Hill Road. The board had unanimously voted to approve putting the tax-acquired properties out to bid without a minimum bid requirement, and Town Manager Shiloh LaFreniere read the bids for the properties to the board at the meeting on Monday.

The highest bidder for the 163 Macomber Hill property was Doug and Abby DiPasquale for $37,575, and the highest bidder for the 7 Jewell Street property was Josh Ocharsky for $8,148. To confirm interest in the properties, the board will be contacting the highest bidders for the Macomber Hill property due to the inability to show the property, as well as the highest bidders for the Jewell Street property because the building has severe fire damage.

The board voted to accept the highest bidders, as well as to continue down the list from the highest to the lowest provided that the bidders decide they are no longer interested in the property. The bidders are given 10 days to complete the purchase of the property.

Selectperson Lee Ann Dalessandro provided the board with an update in regard to the Spirit of America award which will be awarded to all paper mill workers for their contributions to the community, and will be displayed at the Pulp and Paper museum in Livermore Falls. Dalessandro stated that the museum offered to do a small presentation and host it for the Board at their location on May 19 at 2 p.m., the afternoon of their History Night.

Dalessandro has also been provided with a list of names of people who worked at the mill and contributed to a lot of different areas of the community, and hopes to invite some of the mill workers to attend the presentation.

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