Henderson Memorial Baptist Church honors pastor

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Interim Pastor Louise McCleery

FARMINGTON – The congregation at Henderson Memorial Baptist Church honored Interim Pastor Louise McCleery Sunday, April 24, in observance of her last Sunday as interim pastor.

Starting May 1, the congregation has called David E. Porter, Jr. of New Sharon to serve as the new pastor of the church.

Along with testimonies of appreciation voiced for McCleery’s service, gifts were presented and a roast pork dinner was served to members of McCleery’s family and the congregation.

A special cake featuring a present photo of McCleery and one of her preaching during a Baptist Youth Fellowship Sunday at Henderson when she was a teenager was also served.

McCleery agreed to serve as interim pastor, starting in August of 2021, while a search committee continued their work to find a full-time pastor.

McCleery, formerly of Farmington but now of Carrabassett Valley, is an active member of Bell Interfaith Chapel at Sugarloaf where she occasionally fills in for pastors Pam and Earle Morse. She is currently taking further pastoral courses.

Members of Henderson were privileged to worship with McCleery as she shared her faith and knowledge while challenging the congregation to grow in their faith and love for others.

After a long-time pastor at Henderson, the Reverend Susan Crane, retired at the end of 2019, the church relied on and appreciated a small group of supply pastors, including McCleery, who preached each Sunday. For a while the service was held on Zoom only, due to the pandemic. Now services, held at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday, are offered both in person and on Zoom. All are welcome to attend. For more information, please contact the church office at 778-2163.

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