Longtime Mallett School staff member retires with student celebration

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Jacob Hiscock (right) shares his thoughts with Ernie.

FARMINGTON – Students and staff at W.G. Mallett School celebrated a local hallway celebrity last week with the retirement of custodian Ernie Dunham.

Dunham has worked in the Regional School Unit 9 district for 33 years, 15 of which were spent at Mallett. Students were invited to share their sentiments at the outdoor celebration; many of them decided to reflect on their appreciation for how clean Dunham always kept the school, and how things were always “taken care of” with him there. They played ‘B-I-N-G-O’, replacing the letters with ‘E-R-N-I-E’ and presented the beloved staff member with a binder of keepsake artwork, notes and poems from students. The school also gifted him a personally monogrammed camp chair. Students ended the celebration by expressing how much they were going to miss him and a final standing ovation.

An apple tree was planted in Dunham’s honor, as is tradition for Mallett School retirees.

(Note that the student shown at the mike from the front it Jacob Hiscock. He is being helped by art teacher, Kim Jacques.)
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