Pets of the Week: Cordelia and Henry

1 min read

Pets of the Week is a regular column highlighting pets available for adoption at the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

Cordelia, 6 months to 1 year, female: Oh, hi there. My name is Cordelia. I am a sweet but shy girl who kinda prefers to be left alone to do my own thing. I love to play with cat toys and I love cat naps. I tolerate the other cats here at the shelter, but honestly just prefer my own space.


Henry, 7 months, pitbull mix, male: Meet Henry! Henry is such a sweet guy. He can be shy with new people and fast movements tend to spook him, so a home without small children would probably be best. Just give him a few moments and he’s nothing but love. Henry also loves other dogs so long as they allow him a little time to get comfortable and then he’s all about play!

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