Rangeley partnership looks to the future

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Judy Morton, the Chamber Executive Director, and Martin Gagnon, RPL Director, believe a partnership between their organizations will enable great things in the months to come.

RANGELEY – A unique partnership has been formed to assist local businesses in today’s technology driven marketplace. Executive Director Judy Morton of the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce has announced that a partnership between the Rangeley Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce and the Rangeley Public Library has been created to provide business based trainings.

The goal of the partnership is to provide trainings which will enable local business to grow and flourish in today’s market. By providing training locally and using local resources, the Chamber and Library hope to make trainings more accessible to the area businesses.

“We are very excited about this opportunity and what it could mean for the sustainability of local business. The Rangeley Public Library has the space and the technology to provide these trainings which businesses can use and put into real practice. The state of the local businesses is crucial to our community and all organizations whether they are for profit or a non-profit,” said Rangeley Public Library Director Martin Gagnon.

The first group of trainings will focus on marketing your business and will feature various technology opportunities and how to use these technologies as a marketing tool. The first training, an Introduction to Microsoft Publisher, will take place at the Rangeley Public Library from 5 to 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 12th. The primary focus will be how to use Publisher to create marketing materials such as fliers. Reference material will be given to each participant.
Future training topics will include generating publicity in the local media outlets through press releases, video marketing on the Internet with tools like You Tube, partnering with other businesses, the impact of mobile devices on shopping habits, and creating slide shows. Although this first group of trainings will feature technology, not all future topics will be technology based.

Space for the May 12th Introduction to Publisher is limited and will be available to Chamber members and their employees and to Chamber non-members as space allows. For more information or to register for the training, please contact the Rangeley Public Library at 864-5529 or the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce at 864-5571.

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