Send in your memorabilia for Phillips time capsule

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PHILLIPS – Time is running out, but there’s still time to get your topical information and materials included in the Phillips Area Community Center, (P.A.C.C.) Time Capsule.

The Time Capsule, is a place for remembering a generation that lived through Covid-19, record unemployment and record highs in the stock market, and passing those memories down to future generations. This can consist of current newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, flyers, etc., in short, anything that might reflect our daily lives in 2021.

Here’s an idea: what about enclosing a picture of your home in an envelope addressed to “Current “Resident,” at your address, with a “Forever” stamp? The Time Capsule will be opened in in 2062, to coincide with Phillips’ 250 anniversary. At that point, your letter will be mailed to the current resident at your address. A note from the past!

But hurry, the capsule will be buried soon.

Send your memorabilia or stamped letters to: P.A.C.C., P.O. Box 442, Phillips, ME, 04966. Be a part of the future!

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