Western Mountain NeuroSolutions offers private medical care

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Amelia Hutchinson, CNP

FARMINGTON – Amelia is a nurse practitioner with experience in neurology, cardiology, and primary care. She owns a private medical practice located on Main Street in Farmington.

Western Mountain NeuroSolutions offers a variety of services. Services include Neurology (diagnosis and treatment of migraines and headaches, Parkinson’s disease, Dementia and more), most insurance is accepted for Neurology referrals. Primary Care (self-pay for office visits; labs, medication, and testing are through insurance). IV Vitamin and hydration therapy, Integrative medicine, health coaching, and Botox for aesthetics. If patients are interested in scheduling an appointment, they may contact the office at 779-6553 or schedule an appointment online at provider.kareo.com/amelia-hutchinson. The IV therapy menu can be viewed at wmhydration.org.

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