Youth mattering town hall offered in Farmington on Nov. 1

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FARMINGTON – The Healthy Community Coalition of Greater Franklin County (HCC) is partnering with the Maine Resilience Building Network (MRBN) to host a town hall focusing on youth mattering in Farmington on November 1.

The Maine Resilience Building Network defines mattering as “The sense of being significant and valued by other people.” People who believe they matter to others have a key protective resource that can buffer them from life stressors and challenges throughout their lives.

Mattering is a major protective factor for outcomes related to graduation rates, school involvement, mental health, substance use prevention, violence, and more.

The town hall will take place on November 1 from 5–6:30 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Parish Hall, 130 Quebec St, Farmington.

The town hall will consist of the following:

· A brief presentation with an overview of the issue, statistics and what is currently being done to address youth mattering.

· Participants will be engaged in a discussion responding to questions, sharing community assets to engage youth and offering different perspectives on mattering.

· Opportunities for participants on how to be involved following the event.

“Organizers want to engage the entire community including those who may not see themselves as having a role such as businesses or town officials,” said Lorri Brown, HCC senior program manager. “Everyone has a role on youth mattering, and we are excited to host these town halls for everyone!”

To learn more about youth mattering visit MRBN’s website at

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