Industry homes get a quick fix-up

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Matti Curren, 17, paints herself into a bit of a corner as she makes Muriel Powers' porch look new again.

INDUSTRY – They put a new roof on, repainted the porch and restored shutters as Muriel Powers looked on and smiled.

“It’s quite lovely of them to do this for me,” a grateful Powers said as she watched a few members of thecrew cut roofing shingles to cap the peak while Matti Curren, 17, painted her front porch.

Her home and others had needed the work done and it was all accomplished this week thanks to the Langhorne Presbyterian Church work group from Langhorne, Penn. In all, four projects were completed by the 21 youths and 14 adults who arrived here last Saturday night.

Three Industry homes and the Mission of the Eastward camp in Starks benefited from the volunteer workers who fixed more porches and built a new interior wall and moved a shower in one home. And, there was lots of house painting.

Tom Brown, a church member, said all of this is good experience for the youths, who range from 9th grade through to college age students. Each of them needs to raise the money to make the trip, often with bake sales, car washes and help at a local farm. 

Before leaving for Maine a safety workshop is held for the volunteers but, once here, it’s all on-the-job training. They are all staying at UMF’s Mallett Hall dormitory and did have one day off to go whitewater rafting on the Kennebec River. 

“They pitch in pretty good,” George Beale of Industry said between directing the crew. Beale, a local building contractor agreed to guide the group and was pleased with the work completed.

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