It’s Selectman Shaffer now

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RANGELEY – Gary Shaffer won the three-year selectman’s seat in a run-off election held Monday and wanted to thank all of his supporters “in this most unusual election,” he said today.

Shaffer earned 180 votes to Robert Welch’s 123 votes, according to a town official. The turn out was considered very good with a total 305 people voting on Monday only to decide which of the two men, incumbent Welsh or challenger Shaffer will serve as selectman. Two of the total ballots were deemed invalid. 

The run off was held after a tie vote of 136-136 was discovered in a recount held on June 19. Welch was declared elected at the annual town meeting on June 12 with 136 votes to Shaffer’s 135. Shaffer challenged the close vote, the recount was held and resulting tie vote announced.

“It will be nice to have all five selectmen,” Town Manager Perry Ellsworth said.  

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