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A map of the proposed route of the New England Clean Energy Connect project.

On February 9th, in a remote area in West Forks Township, ground was broken on the NECEC with the setting of the first monopole. There are 828 more will follow.

Since the inception of this project, the NECEC team has promised benefits for Mainers would be substantial and impactful. Those benefits are now coming to fruition. Already, 380 jobs have been created, 275 of which have been filled by Mainers. That means more than 70% of the crews working on the project are doing so in their home state.

The NECEC is already having a positive impact on local businesses. Construction crews are buying gas at local gas stations, becoming regulars at local mom and pop stores, and staying at inns in rooms that would otherwise be vacant. This is stimulating local economies along the route of the corridor at a time when many businesses are struggling due to the pandemic.

While work goes on in certain sections of the NECEC, it is delayed where the new corridor still needs to be built. That is due to a ruling from a district court judge granting a temporary injunction on construction. The injunction is just another attempt to delay the project by opponents. NECEC is an essential clean energy infrastructure project that will increase the supply of renewable power available to Maine and New England. We look forward to the injunction being lifted and helping lead the way in the push toward clean, renewable energy.

With opponents hard at work to derail this project, the continued support from so many is crucial to its success. With construction underway, NECEC looks forward to leading the way to help Maine achieve its renewable energy goals. To get the facts about the NECEC visit their website:

Thorn Dickinson

President and CEO of NECEC Transmission, LLC

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