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In response to the letter to the editor on Farminton’s 2022 Town Meeting entitled, ‘Lit torches & pitchforks’ by William D. Jennings. I must agree with one key observation in Jennings’ opening statement, “In this meeting, we saw the future of the local Republican Party”. We did see this. And I say the future looks very bright, united, optimistic, and strong.

From there, Jennings’ commentary went astray from reality. He stated Republicans revealed “their total contempt for democratic processes”. If counting votes is not a democratic process, then what is it? Further, he claimed that he saw “the naked power of mob rule”. The Oxford Languages and Google dictionary defines mob rule as “control of a political situation by those outside the conventional or lawful realm, typically involving violence and intimidation.” A town meeting is conventional. Voting is lawful. Not a single incidence of violence was noted, nor did any attendees appear to reach out to the several peace officers near the entrance for protection. There was no mob rule.

I would remind Jennings, that many hundreds of people peacefully convened in the same space as our Governor of the State of Maine, Janet Mills, who also took part in the democratic process without any apparent fear or reservations. I was privileged to lawfully have my hand and red voting card in the air, and most times concurrently with our Governor.

Now, when two of the first three points of ‘Lit torches & pitchforks’ can be shown as entirely iaccurate, it brings into question the veracity of the remaining subject matter. Folks like myself would read on with skepticism about claims of budget “cuts” when the overall budget actually increased approximately 10% over last year’s budget. Yes, the budget was raised and not cut at all!

Then the Daily Bulldog should have fact-checked Mr. Jennings’ totally false claim that the Republican Convention was “collapsing into a chaotic mess as Q-Anon fanatics hijacked the party platform by this secret agenda process, all the while bellowing, ‘The power of the people!'” Huh? I was at both days of the convention from beginning to end. Fact check: none of that happened.

In reality, I put the motion to the floor for Article IV, Sections 1-5 (Parent’s and Children’s Bill of Rights) which was overwhelmingly adopted to the State GOP Platform without any affiliation to a loosely defined Q-Anon organization, of which nobody can name a director, a home office, nor even a website. How would anyone become a fan of Q-Anon if they can’t even find it, let alone define it?

Anyway, Mr. Jennings, I was also the man on the floor at the town meeting who said, “I’m almost ashamed that a municipal proceeding in the town of Farmington, in the State of Maine, and the great United States of America does not begin with the Pledge Of Allegiance. Can we please, if we have a moment, stand (to recite the pledge)?” We did, and fifteen seconds later, the meeting resumed.

I wholeheartedly believe the omission of the Pledge of Allegiance was merely an oversight by the Council and Moderator. They were literally swamped, and it was not intentional. But according to Jennings, when the Pledge was recited 45 minutes into the meeting, it was an “invocation of conservative sorcery”. Look back at the video, please. Almost everyone proudly stood.

So, without interviewing me about my key contribution to the Maine GOP platform, nor the promotion of the Pledge at Farmington’s town meeting, William D. Jennings has determined that I am a Q-Anon agent with a secret agenda and a conservative sorcerer, to boot!

Mr. Jennings, I am not a secret agent or sorcerer. My Savior is Jesus Christ, and by the First Commandment, I place no other God before the Father.

I suggest we make plans to meet several times and share our life’s testimonies. I was once a staunch supporter of Liberal policy from my days at UMF. So, we may not be as different as you might think. You know I am sincere about this offer to meet, as I am instructing the Daily Bulldog to give you my email address if you so request. Please message. We each have an opportunity to learn and grow through our diverse viewpoints.

My apologies to the Editorial Staff and readers for the long-winded response. But when my life’s actions are slanderously portrayed in a public periodical, I believe I should have the floor to say my truth. Thank you.

Matthew Martin

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