Letter to the Editor: A dangerous time

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We are living in a dangerous time. The War in Ukraine has raised fears of a nuclear war. While there are different view points regarding this war there can be no dispute that the U.S. in 2014 under Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, and others played a very large role in overthrowing the democratically elected President of Ukraine in an illegal and bloody coup. Then the U.S. placed C.I.A. personnel and U.S. military advisors in Ukraine.

The Ukraine military bombed Russian speaking Ukrainians in the eastern part of Ukraine killing 14,000 of their own people. The U.S./N.A.T.O. placed a huge number of troops and military equipment along Russia’s border and placed nuclear weapons close to Russia’s border – all of this done way before Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia’s security and border were severely threatened.

It is clear that the U.S. started this war. It is clear that this is a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia with Ukraine in the middle and suffering horribly. The U.S. military Corporations are making a “killing” from this war, and people in Congress are getting richer from this war.

The most dangerous thing is that as Sens. King and Collins, and Reps. Golden and Pingree keep voting to send our tax dollars for military equipment for Ukraine and Biden sends this money we are getting closer and closer to a nuclear war during which all living things on earth could die in a short amount of time. (At least $100 Billion has been sent so far.)

If someone in Maine has a bonfire burning in their back yard with a large can of gasoline set at the bottom of the bonfire and the person keeps adding more and more wood to burn, that person knows that eventually that gas is going to explode.

Please call Sens. King and Collins and Rep. Golden at 202-224-3121 (you can call 24/7 and leave a message) and say you want a Cease-fire between the U.S. and Russia regarding Ukraine immediately and that you want negotiations with compromises between the U.S. and Russia regarding Ukraine immediately.

Thank you.

Brian Noyes Pulling, M.Div.
Christian Minister and Social Worker
Kingfield, Maine


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