Letter to the Editor: A letter to Maine’s elected federal delegation

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To all four Maine elected federal officials, salutations.

You were elected and took an oath to govern our republic constitutionally and in a responsible manner. Maintaining a budget deficit is neither constitutional or responsible!

If you ran a business or conducted your family budget, year after year, spending more than you make, it would be catastrophic. You would be called to task, and stopped. Our Congress does it year after year, since the mid-1970’s, with 1-2 exceptions, without consequence, because you can create new money. This is a hidden tax on us all; inflation. Unconstitutional and irresponsible.

Even worse, Congress has bound the next generations, our kids, grandkids, and great grand kids, with our debt. This is the classic definition of irresponsible!

I ask you follow your oath. Start in increments with a balanced budget. The States do it! Then, start to pay off the national debt, some each year.

Yours in Service, past and present,

Peter Forrest Tracy
Farmington, Maine
Retired Forester, Logger, Veteran


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