Letter to the Editor: Bring back the guillotine!

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Just in time for a joyous Yuletide, the Barr/Trump “Justice” Department is implementing a policy that will expedite the state-sponsored murder of federal death row inmates by all manner of once-outlawed barbaric tortures not confined to the use of lethal gas injection, the norm since 1993 in states – primarily former Confederate states – that have not evolved away from the death penalty.

In a rush to execute as many – mostly souls of color- as possible before the anti-capital punishment Biden administration takes over in 50 odd days, the firing squad, electric chair, and all manner of everything short of the guillotine, is coming out of mothballs to assure as many inmates as possible will not be spared. (Read more on it here.)

Barr’s Justice Department has in the last few months executed more than the total of the last 30 years and has a lineup planned for many more despite the Covid19 dangers associated with these executions and that no lame duck president has executed anyone in this country since Grover Cleveland, himself a former sheriff, hangman, and sadist, apparently. But then again we’re talking about a Justice Department that intervenes to protect the president from depositions involving rape charges from decades before he took office and skewed the Mueller report to protect him from indictment. How many more days? Please come fast.

Jon St.Laurent
No. Bridgton, Maine

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