Letter to the editor: Cut the cord

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I would like to take a closer look at a letter to the editor submitted to the Bulldog last month by Thorne Dickinson. He mentioned awarding $320 million to companies in connection with building and “upgrading” the NECEC.

How do you upgrade something that doesn’t exist yet? It’s just a carefully placed word to make us think we are getting improved service, but $240 million is for a whole new grid in Lewiston, which is essential to invert the power generated in Canada from direct current (DC) to alternate current (AC) for delivery to the New England grid in Massachusetts.

A very clever tactic to fool Mainers into thinking we need something that we do not need. NECEC needs it, not Maine.

He did mention the $20 million awarded to produce timber matts to seven Maine companies.

This leaves $60 million to begin the clearing process, and brings me to his next statement: “As promised, qualified Mainers are being given preference to fill the jobs created by the project before all other applicants.” So naturally NECEC hired Northern Clearing out of Wisconsin! A clear example of a company that lies to its own customers without shame!

He also states that “Hydro Quebec will provide up to 500,000 megawatt hours of electricity/year to Maine.” Looking closely at that statement, he promised absolutely nothing! “Up to” means no more than, but as little as zero! I believe the power is first delivered to the grid in Massachusetts and whatever they don’t use can be transmitted back to Maine.

Mainers are being treated like dogs waiting for scraps! I will be voting yes to cut the cord! It’s an awful deal for Maine.

Peter Mckeown

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