Letter to the Editor: FMH has got it together

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I called Maine Health recently. They got back to me soon, and put me into the line for registration. (You are tenth in line…Estimated wait time is eight minutes…You are fifth in line…). I loved being told how many were ahead. It went very quickly and then a person registered me, offering me a choice of location. Farmington? Yes, please! I said, very glad to go to nearby Franklin Memorial Hospital.

So that same week I got my appointment, which was for 02/19/2021 at 4:15. There were few people there. No waiting in line. At that time of day and at the end of the week, more vaccinators than those being vaccinated. It was relaxing, how friendly and efficient everybody was. From the moment I went into the hospital, there was always someone to guide me to the next part of the procedure. Even with my skinny arms, the vaccination was barely felt.

FMH has really got it together now.

Anstiss Morrill

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