Letter to the editor: Gov. Mills puts Maine above party

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I may not always see eye to eye with Janet Mills, but she is clearly the better choice for Maine. As governor during the worst crisis to hit the nation in years, Janet Mills navigated Maine through the pandemic with a steady hand.

In contrast, Paul LePage is a child not fit for public office. I saw that first-hand when LePage encountered two UMF students quietly exercising their 1st amendment rights to free speech merely holding up a couple of handmade signs when LePage was giving a speech in Farmington during his unfortunate time in office. Flustered, LePage stormed off the podium and walked away in a huff like a baby which was the way he handled most things during his tenure in Augusta before moving to Florida with his feelings hurt. That was LePage’s answer to hard questions: cut and run, if bluster didn’t work.

There are no easy answers to Maine’s problems. However, the choice is clear. We do not need more rhetoric and disruptiveness.

We need a steady leader that does not shirk their responsibilities when faced with adversity. Janet Mills is that leader.

Maine and the nation are suffering from one of the worst episodes of political divisiveness in our lifetimes. We need someone with a track record of working together with all sides including conservatives, progressives, and just plain Mainers who are each tired of politics and worried about how to pay the bills.

Janet Mills will be the better voice to lead Maine. In just a few short months, please make sure your voice is heard and vote for the leader who puts Maine above party. Vote Mills.

Dennis Haszko

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